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JavaScript DOM Cheatsheet.

JavaScript DOM Cheatsheet.

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·May 11, 2021·

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What is the DOM in JavaScript?

Document Object Model (DOM), is an object-oriented representation of a web page, which can be modified with a scripting language such as JavaScript. The DOM is able to change the document style, content and structure.

DOM nodes

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To use the access the DOM we use the following syntax.

Get an element by id

var Hello = document.getElementById('#hello');

Get an element by class

var SomeClass = document.getElementByClass('.NameOfClass');

Get an element by tag name

var SomeTag = document.getElementByTagName('li');

A shorthand way of selecting classes and id's is by using the query selector function. querySelectorAll selects all classes and id with the same name


var SelectSomeClass= document.querySelectorAll('.SomeClass');
var SelectSomeID = document.querSelectorAll('#SomeID');

To select the first id or class in a HTML document querySelctor is used

var SelectID = document.querySelector('#SomeID');
var SelectClass = document.querySelector('.SomeClass');

Creating elements

To create a HTML element within JavaScript DOM the following syntax is used.

creating the ul

const UL = document.createElement('ul');

Adding a class or id to the ul


Create an li (child) to add to the ul (parent)

const Li = document.createElement('li');

Adding a class or id


Creating a text node

var TextNode = document.createTextNode('Adding text to the li, to be displayed in HTML')

Appending the textnode to the li

Li. appendChild(TextNode);

Appending the li to the ul as a child

document. querySelector('ul-SomeClassName').appendChild(li);

For more cheatsheets on JavaScript, check out my blog.

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